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Shining Man

I called in on a family man, whispered could he get a dose. Wonderful wife and kid, dreamland. Behind the timeline showed some lonely boy, don’t you cry. Still got that light in the eyes gets me smiling. I took it all the way home, I got there shining. One day it could all be yours. I caught up with a travelling man His mind is so broad now! And he said “don’t be too taken by the great tan, I’ve been low since I touched down.” Nowhere boy don’t you cry. Salvation could be all inside for finding. Meanwhile my town is my home. I roam it shining.

One day it could all be yours. I shot the shit with Mr Rich man. He put an offer on my soul. Bless him, it was a pitiful pitch man. He came up so short in gold, I told him Poor boy don’t you cry. I took him out where it’s free, I was buying. I’m barely pissing in a pot but I rocked up shining.

Debut Album: Showin' Up Startin' Again (2020) 
Track 09
John Witherspoon

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