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Sad & Beautiful

I just came in to make a coffee You and your drama, you can’t stop me Your blissed-out hippy mask is tumbling If you’re a mess don’t put it on me I’d rather watch the pot boil slow But go on then, let’s hear your episode. I accidentally listen properly. It kinda felt like you did for me. If sunny days just make you snotty, I’ve got the best pills, have one on me. Didn’t know that you’d been through that. One foot caught in a trap. Right place with the wrong map So many miles. Sad and so beautiful. You play along it breaks your heart Until you own up, begging for the end But you only boldly go so far Then look who’s showing up, starting again Didn’t know that your Dad had passed How d’you deal with a thing like that? All you’ve got is the things you had They make you smile Sad and so Beautiful Of course you lost love, And you dream of it still, All along the promenade you are the ending of the film You can pull it in close Ten years since you kissed If you never know emptiness, you can never know bliss. Sad and so beautiful.

Debut Album: Showin' Up Startin' Again (2020) 
Track 08
John Witherspoon

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