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Bus Stop

Stuck waiting at the bus stop. Deep breath, spit it out. Hey, we’re talking now. I’m saying how one can see why one could smash them up. It got your laughing sound singing out, singing out. And all aboard, we competed over baggage. We didn’t slow the carriage at all. And maybe soon, any evening you could manage, We’ll do the box set and the grand tour. Sweetheart, Sunshine, What if we waited right on time? Good God, could it be so wrong? Deep breath, nice and loud. Time is running out, and it’s awkward now. On another day, another chance gone. The stubborn coward cowered on, cowered on. But all aboard, we competed over baggage. That didn’t slow the carriage at all. And compromise was the best you ever managed. Nobody ever really had your Sweet heart, your sunshine. What if we waited right on time? What if we never knew, what if we never tried? Lord knows it’s all been but a short ride. What if we never walked upon colliding lines? Well I never caught you lifting up the eyes. Right on time. Right on time. My Sweetheart! Sunshine! What if we waited right on time?

Debut Album: Showin' Up Startin' Again (2020) 
Track 07
John Witherspoon

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